Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Latest Wireless Theatre Company downloads report

Mariele Runacre-Temple, founder of WTC has just advised me
"StageFright has been downloaded from the WTC site 4,396 times. But that doesn’t include iTunes which could be loads, and also air-play on loads of the internet and on air stations that play our stuff all over the world!"
I love the idea that people all over the world are enjoying Lynn Howe's marvellous play and will continue doing so for ever! so to speak.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Download history of the play since radio version put on Wireless Theatre Company website in December

Mariele Runacre Temple of the Wireless Theatre Company reports on Stage Fright since it was put up on the website! "Since Stage Fright was launched in December it has been downloaded 1,819 times (which is very high!) and that is ONLY counted from our website, that doesn’t count from our RSS feed, iTunes account and how many people have listened to it on the various internet and on air radio stations that play our stuff. Just over half of those are from the UK, the rest are from mostly the USA, some New Zealand and Australia, some Portugal, France one from Ethiopia and one from Taiwan!"

I am really pleased with this. So many people enjoying our play!! Tell your friends and do download it.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stage Fright is now on The Wireless Theatre Company as a radio play!!

Stage Fright, the play written by Lynn Howes, is now a radio play with Abi Titmuss, Alex Barclay and Andrew Macbean in a Wireless Theatre Company production. Downloadable as an MP3 file or you can stream it directly from the site.
Edited By : Ross Burman  Directed By : Emma Taylor  Music By : Francesco Quadrarupolo

It's wonderful to hear the play again, with a fresh production and a new score, with Abi and Alex reprising their roles from the Canal Cafe Theatre Production and Andrew stepping into Sion Tudor Owen's shoes with a slick edgy performance.

Pour yourself a nice drink, put your feet up and enjoy this fine play, which gave me so much pleasure to instigate and bring to life, then tell your friends!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stage Fright rehearsal and recording for Wireless Theatre Company

We had a very good rehearsal at the Canal Cafe Theatre on the 12th of September which I attended and photographed, then a second rehearsal I could not attend followed by the recording on the 24th of September @ Unity Studios with director Emma Taylor and producer Mariele Runacre Temple where I took more photos and saw my idea yet again come to life through the amazing talents of all concerned with actors Abi Titmuss, Alex Barclay and Andrew Macbean , to be followed by a month or so of editing. watch this space and the WTC site for the release date!

Friday, September 9, 2011

We are recording Stage Fright for the Wireless Theatre Company on 15th September

Abi Titmuss and Alex Barclay return to play Geraldine and Peter.

The actor now playing Charles is Andrew McBean - who trained at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and has worked extensively in TV and theatre since. His film and television credits include Torchwood and Poirot for BBC, and  Whistleblower, Bafta nominated  Elizabeth David A Life In Recipes, The Real Great Escape and The King’s Beard for ITV. Feature films Backwater and Dead Cat (due for release Summer 2010) and short films Lost (BBC) and The Wrong Sea (National Film School) and he also played the doctor who broke the major storyline news to Jack Branning that his baby was in fact swapped, in Eastenders.jTheatre credits include most recently Squire Squigley/King of Gooseland in Mother Goose at the Northcott Theatre in Exeter, The Picture of Dorian Gray (European Tour) Measure for Measure, Richard III and Titus Andronicus (Royal Shakespeare Company), The Taming of the Shrew, Twelfth Night and King Lear (Creation),1:60:3600 (Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre), Treasure Island and Grimm Tales (Tobacco Factory), Killer Joe (Bristol Old Vic), Christmas Carol (Trafalgar Studios), Bloody Sunday: The Saville Enquiry (Tricycle), Macbeth (Lord Chamberlain’s Men), Jeffrey Archer’s Prison Diaries – Hell (Underbelly Edinburgh), The Little Years (Orange Tree), Tea & Sympathy, Young Woodley and The Lady’s Not for Burning (Finborough), Shooting With Parsley (Royal Geographic Society), Habitats (Gate), Rebecca, Hayfever, While The Sun Shines, The Gentle Hook, Living Together, and See How They Run (Sidmouth). For Wireless he’s been in The Strange Case of Springheel’d Jack and We Are Not the BBC.

The rest of the crew are Mariele Runacre-Temple - Founder of The WTC and a fine illustrator!, Lynn Howes - The playwright, Emma Taylor - The Director and Jack Bowman who is assistant producing and helped Mariele adapt the script for radio. 

I, Stefan will be taking photos of the rehearsal and the recording and enjoying seeing my theatrical baby reborn, this time for a worldwide audience. The pleasure of seeing something that was just a plot structure in my head many years ago, made manifest in a brilliant script by Lynn Howes and then become performed in the flesh and now the airwaves by a talented team of theatre professionals and actors is difficult to describe, but wholly wonderful.

The recording will take place @ Quince Studios, a very small but super studio in Marylebone, engineered by the fab Matt Walters who will lead us through the day. We’ll rehearse on Monday, working with Andrew in the role and ironing everything out. In the studio there isn’t a lot of time for notes as we have to move very fast. We have a tight recording schedule that we’ll need to stick to, usually allowing no more than 2 takes for each scene! They’ll have a microphone each and probably work in sequence.

Watch out for future posts, as editing progresses and we ultimately load it up on the WTC website for you to download as a podcast!

Friday, May 13, 2011

STOP PRESS - Stage Fright to be broadcast by The Wireless Theatre Company

I am pleased to announce that The Wireless Theatre Company is to produce a "radio" version of the play and broadcast it as a downloadable file to be listened to at your convenience.

WTC are an independent radio drama company producing original audio drama, comedy, stories, poems, sketches and more to be downloaded from their website directly to your iPod or MP3 player. Nearly all of their plays are completely free, and there is a huge mix of stuff to suit all tastes.

WTC's radio dramas are produced, directed and edited by their dedicated team and they  work with a wide range of acting and writing talent – both up-and-coming and established professionals.

Watch this space for further announcements as the day of broadcast approaches, in a few months.

"The Wireless Theatre Company is a brilliant idea. 
I've heard some great performances, real talent. 
Putting plays on the net is brilliant"
Nicholas Parsons